Jack of all trades with great passion for Bitcoin, automation, infrastructure and Prediction Markets. I have extensive experience with Linux Servers, Networking, Distributed systems, Containerization, Orchestration and a wide variety of things that are related to IT. I’ve worked my way up from Support to IT Operations, automation for hydroponic systems, and DevOps consultancy.



My mind is naturally geared towards architecture and birds view infrastructure planning.


Presenting and explaining topics, for groups of any size.

Deep dive

Ability to go deep into a subject to understand the fundamentals. Combined with my wide experience, I naturally find weak points and efficient improvements.



I have a great interest inn automation, and have worked on everything between hardware systems to DevOps-automation and “Smart home” automation.
I’m in the process of taking the RHCE certification, which is mostly based on Ansible.

Distributed systems

One of my biggest loves are Bitcoin, and the possibilities that blockchain technology brings to the world.
In that I’m very interrested in sidechain technology like Drivechain, and predictionmarkets.
I also like container-based systems and have some experience with Kubernetes and HA-systems.


I take security and privacy very seriously, and like to spend time on learning and implementing security principles on everything i do.
I have for example made an Ansible Role for running ssh-servers over the tor network and implemented encryption and security hardening on a lot of different systems.


Sopra Steria

Senior Consultant
2022 – Current

Devops and Linux consultant for different projects.


Docker, Kubernetes, Linux, Ansible, OpenShift

Arcane Crypto AS

DevOps Engineer

Responsible for designing and administrating IT Operations throughout the different parts of the company.


Docker, Kubernetes, Linux, Google Cloud, Ansible

Redpill Linpro AS

IT Operations Consultant
2019 – 2020

DevOps consulting focusing on infrastructure, security and automation with open source technology.


Red Hat, Ansible, OpenShift,


Founder, CEO and IT Operator
2015 – Present

We develop automation powered by AI and an open API for RAS (Resirculating Aquaculture System), like Hydroponics or Aquaponics. On top of genereal administration and getting the startup on it’s legs, I am the main architect and system operations officer.


Ansible, Docker, Raspberry Pi


Bitcoin and Blockchain Consultant
2015 – Present

I offer services for everyone that want to learn about Bitcoin and the Bitcoin technology. I have held courses, workgroups and given support for groups and single persons. I am running the Bitcoin First Meetup in Oslo. I have been a Bitcoin enthusiast since 2012, and know a lot about the technology and what it can be beneficial for.


Red Hat

Red Hat Certified Systems Administrator